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    Heart of Chicago Developments

    Find real estate for sale, read about new developments in the area, and something else that you would like to do on this page.

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    Eat in the Heart of Chicago

    Fine Italian food is easy to find in the Heart of Chicago! Read more to see a list of restaurants and make reservations for dinner in the Heart.

  • Learn all about the Heart of Chicago – where to eat, what to see, and how to experience this uniquely historical area of Chicago.

  • Summer brings much excitement to the Heart! Click ‘Read More’ to learn about the summer events and specials schedules coming soon.

  • The Heart of Chicago has a thriving artist community. Click ‘Read More’ to learn about Arts in the Heart.

Welcome to The Heart of Chicago

The Heart of Chicago organization is a service to the community to promote economic growth and stability along South Oakley Avenue. Mostly known for its old world Italian restaurants, it’s also home to eclectic architecture, industries, close-knit churches, ethnic history and an emerging art scene.

This organization was inspired by the innovative culture and rich heritage of Tuscany, the iconic region in Italy known of its food, wine, art, galleries, architecture, vineyards, landscape, coastline and home to the start of the European Renaissance.

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